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LEICA Builder 100 - T100 9" Construction Theodolite with Laser...

LEICA Builder 100 - T100 9" Construction Theodolite with Laser Plummet

With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems has designed a perfectly tailored tool for every construction job. Regardless of your profession, Builder will amazingly accelerate your work flow. From simple tasks to professional all-day use, the Builder Series offers a scalable product family that exactly meets your needs. 

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Leica Builder 100 - if you need to trust angles and alignments
With a laser plummet for simple and fast setup over control line, dual axis compensation for accurate plumbing, endless drives eliminating steps, audible notice for 90° turns, graphical leveling aid for fast and convenient setup and IP55 rating, the Leica Builder 100 is an outstanding theodolite.

Profile Boards
Builder does it all: Setting out boards, transfer alignments to / from boards or simply storing all board data in the builder.
Your benefits:
Precise transfer–directly from plans
to the jobsite
No tapes, strings, or plumbing-up
Re-setting damaged/missing boards
take minutes
Line Layout
Columns, formwork, greenhouses, racking, fencing lines, structures or terraces. Builder takes reference lines, alignment and curves in its stride.

Your benefits:
Simple alignment of structures along
the lines
Easy transfer of line and offset values
from the plan
Straightforward layout in inclined
How much m³ did you really move today? Cutting to formation, mass haul, cut / fills, stockpile monitoring –keep right on top of your earthworks progress with Builder.
Your benefits:
No more rough-guessing of truckloads
Fast and accurate volume determination
Digital protocol
Is that formwork vertical? Sufficient clearance between crane and roof? Are those walls parallel? Is the drainage at the right grade? Are this true 90°?
Your benefits:
Checks in situ, precise and
Measure to non-accessible
Hardly possible with plumb bob
and tape
Carpenters, landscapers, stage builders, architects, utilities companies, steel and façade constructors–all use Builder to record as-builts quickly and accurately.
Your benefits:
Stores “as built” data for client records,
e.g. for future reconstruction
Data storage in the Builder or externally
via interface
Easy integration in the CAD planning
How many roof tiles? Want to be doubly-sure how much asphalt to order for the parking lot? Will those windows fit? Builder has the answer in m².
Your benefits:
Ideal for tender preparation for
surfaces of all kind
Facts immediately on the spot
1-person mode via reflectorless
measuring saves cost and time
Simple capturing of inclined surfaces
Height Transfer
Transfer of reference heights, define datum lines, marking ground floor elevations, checking remote heights – also vertically the Builder is powerful.
Your benefits:
Height transfer in one work step
Height differences are no problem
Only 1 person required
Leica Laser Technology
Excellent signal strength and pinpoint accuracy, where you need it most.
Your benefits:
“Know what’s being measured”
Precise measurement to corners and
edges too
Data exchange via USB Stick or Bluetooth
Your benefits:
Handy removable data storage
Cable-free and fast connection
New plan loadable simply on site
PowerSite Software
Professionals appraise the Builder’s on-board programs designed to be the right tool for every job.
Your benefits:
A solution for every application
Amazing ease of use
Versatile and fast to learn
Simple, clear & intuitive Graphical Interface and best-in-class display technology
Your benefits:
Graphical assistance thanks to spacious
Class-leading visibility, in all light
Graphic supports daily work flow
Setup with Control Line or coordinates Existing axis form the reference line for the Builder.
Your benefits:
Same procedure as known from
working with the tape
Work with line and offset values
straight from the plan
Free choice of setup positions
Multilingual support
the world is getting smaller, Builder is prepared.
Your benefits:
Switch between 3 languages of your
No errors due to linguistic misunderstandings
25 languages available
Connect Leica DX10
field controller Load your preferred Software tool and keep working as usual.


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